Meet the Zesty SoZangos

Promoting Equitable AI Through Diversity

SoZango's Mission

At the heart of SoZango is a belief in the power of diversity: Harnessing the broadest range of views to produce the strongest result. From the start, the SoZango founders (proud USC Trojans) leveraged their varied cultural, educational, and work experience to facilitate changemakers in implementing the newest in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital conversation.

Like all good mission driven organizations, we are not content with one avenue of change-making. We aim to magnify the impact of every contract by providing underrepresented populations the opportunity to participate in A.I. development.

Through inclusion we can transform the present and enhance the future. As our lives are increasingly intertwined with complex A.I., it is more critical than ever that this AI be inclusive in its design. Diversity in A.I. today leads to equitable A.I. tomorrow.

Want to learn how digital conversations can work for your organization? Reach out and see how we create digital conversations SO worth having!

Benji Rostoker

Principal Managing Director

[email protected]

Emily Mischel

Managing Director

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