Digital Conversations (Chatbots) can Supercharge Staff, Reduce Redundancies, and Enhance Earnings.

What's a ChatBot? The new natural way to engage with users, customers, staff, and donors. Powered by artificial intelligence, these systems can chat on multiple platforms simultaneously. Reach people where they already are and provide them with the personalized data they are looking for. Faster, cheaper, and more effective than ever before.

At SoZango We Build Custom Bots to Amplify Impact

SoZango is NOT designing robots that are coming for your job… SoZango designs and builds chatbots that POWER your productivity

The SoZango Bot Strategy:


Personality and productivity should not be mutually exclusive. We craft messages that touch the heart and the brain. That is the power of smart, automated engagement.


Real world value comes from data integrations. We construct bots that are critical to operations, not just nice to have.

Human Centered

SoZango bots are constructed with agile, human centered, and adaptive survey design principles.

SoZango Bots In Action

Data Collection Bots

Platform flexibility inspires increased participation in feedback/ reporting and allows for real time engagement with stakeholders.

Marketing and Sales Bots

Rethink the generic facebook ads with chat! Move users through the discovery of your product and service offerings in a personalized and straightforward manner.

Customer Service Bots

Provide answers to frequently asked questions and intake inquiries 24/7 without added personnel (and enable a human interaction for tough questions).

Internal efficiencies Bots

Optimize redundant tasks or implement quality assurance measures to make for happier employees.

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